Cleaning Dryer Lint

Why should you keep your dryer vent clean? Just like lint in a belly button, lint in a dryer vent is just plain gross! Unlike the belly button however, lint in your dryer vent can have disastrous results.
A dirty dryer vent is both inefficient, risky, and may be potential trouble for you and your home.
A regularly cleaned dryer vent is more energy efficient, saves maintenance costs, and lessens risk of fire, and damage to the dryer.

Energy savings that you can see in your home could be as great at 25% on your monthly bill when you clean your dryer screen daily. Not only will you save money, your dryer will dry clothes faster and more efficiently. A dirty dryer, and dryer vent will force your machine to work harder exhausting it after each use. Overstrain on the dryer can be reduced, and intricate parts of your dryer can operate with less stress if your unit is clean. Lint that continues to build up is a great fire threat as it heats, then overheats, and may in fact catch on fire because lint is highly flammable according to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Several factors can indicate how often you should have your dryer vent cleaned.You should keep in mind a few things such as whether or not you have pets in the home, your family size, the type of laundry you wash, and the age of the clothes you may have. If you have pets that shed you know you find little hairs everywhere, imagine also this pet hair in your dryer vents. As you can guess the larger your family the more laundry there is, causing greater amount of lint build up. So the larger the family, the more often dryer vent cleaning should be done. Something that you may not think of is the type of clothing you are drying. Big fluffy blankets and towels are our favorites, but the worst for dryer vents. These types of items in your dryer shed more lint & will require more frequent cleaning of your venting system. Lastly, if you happen to be a shopper, it is noteworthy to mention that new clothes shed a lot of lint also resulting in a lint build up faster than average.

In addition to a dryer overheating, and losing its highest operating efficiency there are some other tell tale signs that may be a red flag for dryer vent cleaning to be in your future. First, is your hood flap opening properly? It should be, so if it isn’t there may be an issue.. Secondly, if you notice your clothes have a mild burnt smell after they come out of the dryer this is also an indicator that the dryer vent is blocked.Thirdly, you may notice even after a lengthy time in the dryer your clothes are still damp. While this is not only frustrating, it may be the easiest factor to notice, signaling you to have your dryer vent cleaned.
If any of these things sound familiar to you, or maybe you have just never had your dryer vent cleaned and want the peace of mind knowing there is no sinister lint hiding in your vent, a dryer vent cleaning may be just what you need. We are happy to let you know we are now offering dryer vent cleaning as a service with our company. To schedule a cleaning for your dryer vent please call today. Mention coupon “lintblog” for 15$ off your initial dryer vent cleaning service.